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EVENING NEWS, Wednesday 1, 1972

The 'ghosts' in blue uniform . . .

AN EERIE mist swirled around the gravestones as a white magician summoned the ghost of Pirate Tom Walmsley.

Standing expectantly inside a magic white circle, the magician waited for a spirit to appear through the smoke of two small fires.

Then, suddenly, on the stroke of midnight, mysterious shapes began tp emerge.

The "ghost" had arrived . . . dressed in blue uniform. It quickly challenged magician David Farrant and his pretty assistant Victoria Jervis with down-to-earth words.

For the spine-chilling guest, turned out to be a very solid police sergeant accompanied by a constable.

They marched up to the magician and arrested him.

The couple, together with a plastic bag of bottles containing potions and mixtures, were taken to Barnet Police Station after a night of Hallowe'en magic at the ancient church of St. Mary, Monken Hadley.

Sergeant Ernest Bernthal said: "Call me psychic if you want, but I knew there was something psychic in the air."

Farrant, 33-year-old President of the British Psychic and Occult Society, explained . . . "The ghost of Wallmsley the Pirate comes out twice a year - on Hallowe'en and Christmas Eve."

" All I want to do is summon him, and speak to him and find out why he only appears twice a year."

It was not the first time Magician Farrant had summoned spirits from their graves.

Farrant, of Archway Road, Barnet and Miss Jervis were later charged under the 1860 Ecclesiastical Court Law with acting in an indecent manner in a churchyard.

They will appear court next Wednesday.

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